Run by in-house engineer Joshua Whitehead Crosstown Soundstudio has an impressive recording space with top level gear to achieve classic sound recordings that meet industry standards.

Control Station.jpg

Tools and gear

The centerpiece of the control room is a Neve 51 series console from the early 80's. This is fed into Aurora(n) digital converters or a Tascam MS-16 tape machine. We use Pro-tools 12 on PC. Monitoring is through Focal Trios or KRK6000. 

We have a good collection of outboard including a Neve Portico II Master Buss Processor fitted into the console as well as Lexicon model 200 reverb and prime time delay, 1176, a pair of Warm audio tube eq's, Neve 5043 compressors, 3 x DBX 160X, Valley 610's, Valley Dynamites and more.

A large collection of microphones are available including Coles 4038's, Neumann U87, U89, KM84's, Senheisser 421's, EV RE20, RE18's, Beezneez Lily, Shure Sm7b, 58's, 57's and many more.

We also offer access to our collection of amps, guitars, basses, snares and keys. Feel free to call to get a tour or discuss a project.



Using in-house engineer pricing is at $60 per hour all inclusive (including gst). 4 hour minimum booking required.

Dry hire is available from $300 per 8 hour day. Engineers who haven't used the studio before will be required to pay a $50 technical support fee for our in-house engineer to come in and help get set-up.


Live room

The studio has an isolation booth as well as a large live room with acoustics that have drawn nothing but compliments from sound engineers and musicians alike.